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— The Grieving Spirit: A Series

The Grieving Spirit: A Series

Various dates throughout 2023 (see below)

9:00am to 3:00pm, lunch included

Facilitator: Dr. Jan Satterlee

Are you or someone you love grieving? Bethany Retreat Center and Dr. Jan Satterlee are offering a series of Day-Long retreats on various types of grief and healing. Sign up for one session or multiple. These sessions will explore loss and the grief of losing a spouse, parent, friend, pet and more. Come for the day or make it an overnight retreat. 


April 25 — The Grieving Spirit: An Introduction

We are all blessed with hearts that can love deeply, and so, we also grieve deeply when we lose someone we love.

Grief is natural and normal, yet there are many questions, opinions, and struggles that can add weight to this difficult process.

In the introduction to the grieving spirit, we will unpack many of these questions, opinions, and struggles through talks and group discussions. We will share our stories and offer support to one another.

In the follow-up monthly series, we will cover various forms of loss. Discussions will include grief vs depression, consolation vs desolation, discernment of spirits in grief, specific tools for coping with grief, allowing the Holy Spirit into our grief, the comfort of knowing that Jesus grieved and so did his mother, Mary, and knowing that God always walks with us in our grief.


May 23 —The Grief, Sorrow and Emptiness in Losing Your Spouse/Partner

Losing a spouse/partner can cause an emptiness that is hard to describe, along with a sense of loneliness that seems to make you feel isolated from others. In this session we will share stories, talk about the pitfalls of expectations and ways to handle the well-meaning opinions and advice from others. We will also review coping techniques and share ideas about coping skills that have worked for each of you.


June 27 — The Debilitating Pain in the Loss of a Child, Including Loss During Pregnancy

We’ve all heard it said that no parent should outlive their child, and yet many parents have struggled through this terrible loss. In this session we will support each other by bringing our questions and concerns, and sharing our unique stories. We will also share ideas about coping skills that have worked for each of you.


July 25 —The Loneliness in the Loss of a Sibling or a Friend

The relationships between siblings or close friends are a blessing, but when death takes this unique relationship from us, it is important to allow others to support us and to help ease the emptiness. In this session we will share stories, offer support, and discuss things that have been helpful and things that have not.


August 22 — The Confusion and Sorrow When Drug and Alcohol Use Ends the Life of a Loved One

Drug and alcohol abuse is hard to understand and carries a certain unfair stigma. When it causes the death of a loved one, there can be a wide range of unwanted emotions like anger, shame, embarrassment, and confusion. In this session all are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns, while also to share stories, talk about the pitfalls of expectations and ways to handle the well-meaning opinions and advice from others.


September 26 — The Trauma and Pain at the Sudden, Unexpected Death due to an Accident, Medical Issue or Suicide

Many of us have experienced the trauma of sudden, unexpected death of a loved one. It can take a very long time to process, and the pain can be debilitating. In this session all will be given the loving support from others and the opportunity to share their unique stories of loss, of struggle, of surviving, and of victory.


October 24 — The Often Misunderstood Pain and Grief at the Loss of a Pet or Circumstantial Loss (home, job, finances etc.)

Grief and loss are felt across a wide range of experiences. Losing a beloved pet is very much like losing a family member, and the pain is felt just as deep. Loss through various circumstances can also cause one to grieve over goals and dreams that no longer seem possible, a future that is unpredictable, and a present that is unfamiliar and perhaps not safe. The support and understanding of others is vital in these situations, and in this session all will be able to experience the love, support and empathy of the group.


November 14 —The Emotional Experience of Losing a Parent

Parent-Child relationships are like waves on the ocean. They can go from soft and gentle to turbulent and choppy in the blink of an eye. When we as children lose a parent, our grief can be overwhelming while also being impacted by the type of relationship we were in at the time of death. In this session all are encouraged to share their unique stories, describe the condition of the relationship, and discuss any feelings that have arisen from the loss.


December 5 — Grief and the Holidays

Holidays are supposed to be a time for gathering, for family and friends, and for celebrating togetherness. But for those who are grieving, they can be times of dread, times of painful memories, and times for isolation. In this session all are encouraged to bring their stories of how they struggle through the holidays, along with stories of how they have survived and even come to look forward and value the holiday seasons once again.


Dr. Jan Satterlee, grew up in Bennetts Valley, is a graduate of SMAHS, and has a PhD in Family Psychology. She is a retired psychotherapist and is married to Deacon Dan Satterlee. They have five children and 14 grandchildren. Jan attended the five-year diaconate formation program in Erie with her husband.  Upon Dan’s ordination, she felt another call to become a spiritual director, and after learning about discernment of spirits, felt further called to share this vital component of spirituality with others. Jan and Dan live in Reynoldsville, and she is active in their home parish, St Catherine of Sienna, DuBois where Dan serves as Deacon. 




Offering (per session): $50.00

Deposit (per session): $15.00

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