Bethany Retreat Center

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Instructions for Submitting Your Story


Do you have a story about Anawim, Bethany, Life Line, YPWC, etc.? Share with us the experiences you encountered here in this tiny slice of God’s Kingdom that Sr. Therese built with so many of you by her side in prayer and service. How did your encounters with Sr. Therese and this place change you, make you a better person, give you wisdom years after you were in company with her? How did her ideals affect you then and now years later? What gave you joy while you were with her, what made you cry? Why? Would you do it again?

You may choose to spend some time in silence before you begin to honor Sr. Therese and her legacy of bringing the gift of silent prayer to so many. Ask Sr. Therese to join you in spirit during this prayer time. After your thoughts have had time to steep in union and contemplation, just start writing. Don’t feel like you have to edit or correct. Please just let your story flow.

Is there a title or theme that occurs to you? You can include that as well below. If you would like to see an example story you can click here . . . God Catches Us Gently.

If we receive enough stories and anecdotes we will compile these in a book about her life and service to others and the profound lessons in love she taught us all. Sr Ruth Ann reminds us that maybe this is how we memorialize Sr. Therese at this time.

Thank you and God bless your words and kindness. You are blessing us deeply with your stories.