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Emotional Spiritual Intelligence Retreat

Emotional Spiritual Intelligence Retreat

Emotions & Spirit Powerfully Woven Together

 Facilitators: Jim & Lynette Vaive

November 17-20, 2022

Jim and Lynette Vaive have been coming to Bethany as retreatants themselves for the past several years. Now they look forward to sharing some of their journey with you in this Spiritual Emotional Intelligence Retreat! They forward to using some of their assessment reports with you to explore the foundational practice of emotional intelligence, then you’ll take a look at this thing we call “spiritual emotional intelligence.”

Using individualized reports available from a faith-neutral assessment you complete prior to arriving at Bethany, you’ll have an opportunity to experience how emotions and spirit can be powerfully woven together to bring awareness, belonging, and insight to your journey.

Jim and Lynette Vaive have been working together in the field of spiritual and emotional intelligence for over a decade. In 2012, Jim founded Spirit of EQ, an emotional and spiritual intelligence data and people development company, and Preferred Partner of the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network. Jim and Lynette have also been the Regional Network Co-Directors in North America for Six Seconds, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people to practice emotional intelligence. 

More about Jim… As a successful business owner for 30 years, Jim Vaive speaks the language of CEOs and uses his personal experience to connect with decision-makers in the business arena. He uses that background to connect with people in the Six Seconds Network and manage the Six Seconds Preferred Partners in North America, while he also assists in training and coaching for the region. Jim completed extensive training in Spiritual Direction, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Coaching, and is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation.)

More about Lynette… Drawing on 25 years’ experience in healthcare technology, Lynette Vaive blends science, business acumen, and coaching expertise as a Master Trainer for Six Seconds. Lynette facilitates and coaches in many different types of training in the emotional intelligence arena. She is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and is certified in both Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Coaching. Lynette has a Master of Business Administration and a Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma. 

To learn more about Jim, Lynette and Spirit of Eq visit their website:

Offering: $298.00 (Cost includes accommodations, all meals & retreat)
Deposit: $75.00
Arrival: 3:00-5:00 pm on Thursday
Departure:  12:00 pm on Sunday

*Commuter option available. Call to inquire.

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