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A Gathering of Men – Men’s Retreat

A Gathering of Men

Men’s Retreat at Bethany

 Facilitator: Tom Campbell & Friends

March 8 to 12, 2023

A men’s spiritual group from New Jersey is having their annual men’s retreat at Bethany Retreat Center in 2023 and they are inviting men of any age and faith to join them as part of the retreat.  Men joining this retreat will participate in all aspects of the retreat.  This men’s retreat is conducted and led by the men themselves. The retreat includes daily group sessions around a topic of interest to men, plenty of free time, meditation experiences, drumming, and taking meals together in the monastic tradition. 

Commuter options are available although the men’s group requests that men joining the retreat participate from Wednesday afternoon, March 8 through Sunday morning, March 12. Men are also invited to stay overnight in the Retreat Center with the men’s group.

This men’s group retreat will focus on being a spiritual man in today’s world. The role of men in today’s world continues to evolve and being a spiritual man living the best version of who you are has its challenges. These men meet each year to simply share their journeys as only men can do together. Come and join them!

For more information or to register, please contact Tom Campbell. 


Tom Campbell is a frequent retreat leader and volunteer here at Bethany Retreat Center. He has led the last six drumming retreats at Bethany where close to 50 people attended each of the last two years prior to the pandemic! He has been leading retreats for 35 years, and he has been drumming over 30 years; leading drumming workshops/retreats in homes, churches, community centers and businesses. 



To register email Tom Campbell at


Come together for weekend of nourishment- body, mind & spirit.

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