Bethany Retreat Center


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  1. If one desires a serene, loving, caring place in which to experience deep spiritual transformation, or even just a deep spiritual rest, this is the place! The grounds and buildings are simply beautiful, and the availability of committed. caring spiritual directors is terrific. It is wonderful to be able to attend Daily Mass at Bethany as a way to further deepen one’s spiritual growth. I highly recommend a retreat at Bethany as a great way to enter into a deeper relationship with God.

    Jane Hearne
  2. 7+ days of silence to hear the Lord. The amazing way God joins a community of strangers and we become as one by the end – Without a look or a word or a touch. The mystical union of souls and hearts in love with LOVE…

  3. One of my favorite places in the world. Words could not describe the peace filled moments and joy filled days I have experienced in this holy place. God IS spoken, and speaks, here.

    Lori Cunliffe
  4. Bethany Open Studio – a mini retreat/meditation/creative inspiration and rejuvenation opportunity that is held about once a month for a free-will donation. Participants paint, knit, wander the grounds, take photographs, write poetry, etc. And the lunches provided are great – good food and good company.

    Edie Schrot
  5. Your new website is lovely and very easy to maneuver from one site to the next. Well done. I especially love the photos; without words, they tell the beauty of the quiet welcoming strength that is Bethany Retreat Center. God Bless you all. Monica

    Monica Nachman
    1. Dear Monica,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and letting us know about the flow/use of the website. Ariel who is working with me this summer and Shannon our webmaster did a great job!



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